For any of you that know me you know I’m not a big Glock fan. The first Generations never fit my hand and the triggers were horrendous. Furthermore I have been a 1911 fan since my first Colt Combat Commander when I was age 14, so this test is a little more than truly unbiased, I may have been a little hard on the Glock.

Initially when opening the box I was very pleased with the finish on the grips. Interchangeability of the grip panels is easy and there are 5 to choose from. The night sights are Glocks and are very similar to Trijicons. There is a lanyard ring at the base of the grip, the mag well is slightly flared and it comes with two extended magazines, hence the X.

When test firing on the range I was very pleased with the grip angle and size due to the interchangeability of the rear grip panels that made it fit my hand much more comfortably than in the past. The trigger was much better than any I had remembered and it broke at a crisp 6.5 lb. The trigger pull was very consistent shot to shot. Accuracy was good. I used some of the cheapest shells I had in the shop, Remington UMC hundred 24 grain FMJ 9 mm. And as you can see even with these rounds accuracy was good even though I pulled two shots one left in the low ring and one right in the second white ring as you can see in the picture included.

Overall I was surprisingly happy with the 19 X, and it even matches my Jeep. I just may have to own one myself for further testing.

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